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Occasionally, out of necessity due to several unforeseen situations, we have not really seen the need to borrow cash, either from a family member, buddy or through a credit associated with any kind. This is not bad, provided that it does not become a constant. All of us explain why.

What happens when borrowing cash.

What happens when borrowing money.

Control of expenses is usually lost

Whenever you dare to borrow cash, either from a person or perhaps a bank loan, you lose control of your own expenses, that is, everything you acquired scheduled for the month or even fortnight has to be cut to pay that debt. With these little actions, you commit upcoming money for payments.

You pay more compared to what is requested

In case your loans are a financial institution, many times you end up paying greater than what you asked for, this for that question of commissions plus interest. At this point we advise that if you are going to use the mortgage for a short time, you can use bank cards. These provide you with the benefit of not really charging interest for approximately twenty-six days. If during this time you are able to cover the debt, you would just be paying what you purchased.

Foreign cash is easier to spend

Foreign money is easier to spend

It is extremely true that it is easier to spend cash that does not belong to us, when it has cost us to gather, save, or earn money much more it a bit difficult for all of us to part with it, which usually does not happen when we possess some thousands that we have not exactly won. As they say, they go such as water. That is why it is not often convenient to borrow since in the vast majority of instances it ends up being used on superfluous things.

He who does it as soon as

The idea of ​​just going to ask this time is extremely relative. Sometimes the lack of management in the purchases and spending a debt with an additional literally becomes a vice with what we only do is really a large debt that with time and with the accumulation of passions and commissions will make all of us impossible to pay.

The false idea of ​​the offers

The false idea of ​​the offers

Many times, whenever there are offers we lend only to be able to hunt all those months without interest or even that discount that is becoming announced. First of all we must arrive at the idea that there are always offers if they happen to be not this month, are going to valid the following month. Second of all, there are occasions when the item being offered is not even utilized, but the mere fact to be in promotion makes it appear more attractive. In the end, one winds up with debts of something which was neither necessary neither as cheap as he belies.

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