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swing analysis software 
for digital cameras

Nikon - Canon - Olympus
Samsung - Flip Video
& other cameras

Price: $48.
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digiCam Analysis
olf swing analysis for point-and-shoot digital cameras...

and flash memory camcorders...

Flip Video, Mino
Flip Video, Ultra
Creative Labs, Vado
RCA, Small Wonder 

digiCam Analysis

Import .AVI videos 

Simple Operation

One-Step Trim Length

Add Note to Identify Swings

Instantly Access Swings

Play Swing / Overlay Graphics

Easy Crop, Size & Center Images

Special Video Player

Manual & Automatic Control

Multi Speed Play 

Select & Replay Swing Segment

Set 10 Key Swing Positions

Click button, see Key Position

View Auto-Alternating Key Positions

Play/Record Quick Comment

Windows designed for viewing 2  swings, side-by-side

Control 2 Swing Playing

Import/analyze JPG pictures.

Save .JPG Picture Files For Use In Other Applications, Attach To Email, etc.

Print, Pre-Formatted, Auto-Scaled & Sized Images

Copy Analysis Folders, Picture and Video Files To CD/DVD ROM

NTSC & PAL Standards

Best performance with Windows XP and Vista. Click for more info...
   optimized for 8, 7, Vista and XP

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digiCam Analysis
olf swing analysis for point-and-shoot digital cameras...


digiCam Analysis
olf swing analysis for 
flash memory camcorders...

  Flip Video
Creative Labs Vado
  RCA Small Wonder

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Brooks' Blog
Gary Brooks, Golf Teaching Professional, comments about swing analysis camera equipment and related items.

Program Developer's Message

Customer Comments

(Recently Asked Questions)

"Can I use my cell phone camera's video for doing a swing analysis?

Program Developer, Gary Brooks, answers this and other questions...


digiCam Analysis
is an inexpensive golf swing analysis computer program designed for use with today's popular point-and-shoot digital cameras.

digiCam Analysis helps analyze your golf swing by taking advantage of your digital camera's video recording feature. 

Digital camera video is not the same as that recorded with a normal camcorder. Using it to analyze a golf swing requires a special analyzer program. digiCam Analysis is swing analysis software specifically intended for digital cameras.

You can't beat the convenience of taking along and using a digital camera. A  point-and-shoot camera's small size, light weight and ease of use make them a handy choice for recording golf swings. 

Players of all skill levels, as well as, golf instructors can easily transfer the camera's video-recorded swing to their computers and analyze it utilizing the special digiCam Analysis tools. The custom player includes multi-speed play, go to and alternating Key Positions, segment-repeating and more. 

Cost Factor
Assuming you have a Windows' 7, Vista or XP computer, all you need is a low-priced digital camera, like the Nikon Cool Pix L20 (a great value for under  $100), and  digiCam Analysis (now just $48). That's the camera and software for about $125.

Of course, if you already have a digital camera, you just need digiCam Analysis, total price $48, no shipping or extra charges. Order on-line with a major credit card, download and start using digiCam Analysis within 24 hours. 

 to improve your swing: 

1. Record the golf swing on your digital camera's memory card.

2. Put the memory card (or USB cable) in your computer and transfer the video.

3. Import the (AVI) video file into digiCam Analysis and do your analysis.

See Technical Stuff below for more info.

Bring in golf pro swings directly recorded from your television screen with your digital camera or from other sources. Analyze and use these and other videos for side-by-side comparisons. digiCam Analysis sample TV screenshot.  

digiCam Analysis hasn't forgotten your digital camera's main purpose, taking still pictures.

Take a picture of someone's swing or use your camera's timer feature to capture  a snapshot of your own swing. Your still pictures, like videos, are similarly imported into digiCam Analysis.

Video Analysis
Easily trim the length, crop, center your imported video,
overlay lines, circles, calculate angles, play the swing, and do a quick analysis. Save the video and graphics, as well as audio and text comments.

digiCam Analysis' custom Player plays the video with simple button-clicks or key presses and provides unmatched viewing control. Manual and automatic functions include: 21 speed play, select and replay a swing segment, quickly set any of the 10 swing Key Positions (Address, Impact, etc.),  button-click go to a Key Position, and see any combination of automatically-alternating Key Position combinations. Control playing and viewing any two swings side-by-side.

Like our other programs, digiCam Analysis primarily relies on its own proprietary format/players for displaying and working with swing videos. This unique system is far more precise, versatile and reliable than those which use a standard video file and player. 

When you're finished, save the swing video, pictures, text and voice comments, as well as the other data in your Analysis. You can also save the video as an AVI format video file which lets you display the swing full-screen in digiCam Analysis or to use for another purpose. digiCam Analysis' custom video player includes a number of unique functions.

Technical Stuff

Video that can be directly imported into digiCam Analysis

Video Format: AVI
Frame Rate: 30 FPS (or more) recommended
Resolution: 640 by 480 recommended
Type: Frame, Non-Interlaced or Progressive

Popular point-and-shoot digital camera brands which record AVI video and are recommended for use with digiCam Analysis include:    

Some cameras output MPG, MOV or another video format. Those files need to be converted to AVI in Windows® Movie Maker or another application before importing them into digiCam Analysis. These brands include:



Do you have a flash-memory type video camcorder? 
The very popular Flip Video and other digital video camcorders can also be used with digiCam Analysis!

Flip Video, Mino
Flip Video, Ultra
Creative Labs, Vado
RCA, Small Wonder

Do you have a High Definition video camcorder? You need the new digiCam Analysis HD.

Do you have a High Speed video camcorder?
 You need the new digiCam Analysis HD.

Man Does Not Live By Golf Alone
There are many reasons to own a digital camera. These handy little cameras have lots of everyday uses. If your point-and-shoot camera records video, you can use it, along with digiCam Analysis, to analyze and compare golf swings. There are some tradeoffs to be aware of when using digital cameras for swing analysis.

Pluses: + Convenience, + Cost of Camera and Software 
Minuses: - No High-Speed Shutter, - 30 Frame-Per-Second Video

Shutter Speed
Because most digital CAMERAS do not have a Sports or manual shutter speed control when recording video, fast moving objects (like a golf club) will appear blurred. As the speed of an object increases, so will the amount of distortion. A golfer with average clubhead speed, when hitting a driver, may have video showing some club blurring through impact. However, when swinging an iron, the video may show only slight blurring of the club. (Nikon Cool Pix L18 video frame "impact" samples.

Frame Rate
The type of video recorded with a point-and-shoot camera does not allow  "doubling" the standard (30 FPS) frame rate. When compared to 60 FPS, there won't be as many "stop points" or video frames to view, this becomes more important when the club is moving at high speed.    

The Convenience/Cost plusses of a digital CAMERA might outweigh the Shutter Speed, Frame Rate compromises, especially if doing a more general swing analysis is sufficient.  
If you want to perform the highest quality swing analysis, with blur-free 60 frame-per-second video, use a standard video CAMCORDER and choose: 
Golf Swing Analysis System Professional
Putting Analysis System
All Sports Analysis Program

Purchase the Professional Suite and get
- Golf Swing Analysis System Professional
- Putting Analysis System
- All Sports Analysis Program
- digiCam Analysis HD 

digiCam Analysis 7 / Vista / XP software is Internet downloaded and simple to install. It includes an easy-to-follow Step-By-Step Guide and Reference tutorials covering video processing and swing analysis. There's extensive in-program Help, as well as, on-line and email support if needed. 

digiCam Analysis Full Version, $48.
No shipping or other charges, Order/download now...

Windows® analysis programs for professionals and serious players.
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Check out Golf Swing Analysis System Professional...Professional   See what Putting Analysis System is all about...Putting Analysis System   digiCam Analysis HDdigiCam Analysis HD

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