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Banks differ not only in the loan or interest rate

Banks differ not only in the <a href=

The banks differ not only in the loan or interest rate, but also in the acceptance criteria. The monetary policy of the Bank calls on banks to lend money on favorable terms. Since many banks want to take as little risk as possible in the lending, it is often difficult as a freelancer or self-employed to find a loan. The self-employed and freelancers do not receive a regular salary, so it is usually not easy to get a self-employed loan. If you work independently, as a freelancer or as a managing partner, there are other ways of borrowing.

Network bank loan for self-employed

Network <a href=

For whom can a loan be requested from the network bank? The special offer is addressed to all freelancers and self-employed persons without trade tax. You can easily claim up to 50,000 USD over the internet. The loan periods are individually selectable and can take up to 84 months. Self-employed and freelancers can compete with the merit of the self-employed and get the necessary agility in competition with the competition and the big ones.

In October 2014, the colleagues from the financial portal FMH awarded the loan of nettobank for the self-employed as the best installment loan. This lifts the net bank of nearly 60 other Providern. A copy of the documents requested by the Network Bank to check the loan application of self-employed and freelancers is very simple.

Loans for the self-employed and the self-employed

Loans for the self-employed and the self-employed

In the meantime, some direct banks in their portfolio have loan offers specially tailored to the self-employed. Netto Bank and Borclaycard provide installment loan for the self-employed and self-employed. The customer has a drawing facility at his disposal, which can be fully utilized if the economic situation improves again, the loan can be suspended and no default interest is due.

The loan has an indefinite term if the loan is appropriate, so that the financial reserves can always be put up for discussion. The credit broker portal is for private investors and the self-employed the ideal place for already rejected savings banks. If necessary, you can also be brokered to one of the leading commercial banks.

Creditworthiness – creditworthiness – is also important for self-employment and self-employment. It is determined by the monthly income, in which many banks meet minimum income, monthly obligations such. For example, set rental payments and the Credit bureau score. The credit bureau has registered a large number of German citizens and examined how reliably a loan can be repaid.

Repayment modalities of the various credit institutions

Repayment modalities of the various credit institutions

If liabilities exist or a previous loan has not been paid in full, the probability of default is reduced. Although collate is not usually required, credit institutions require proof of income, which may be contained in the latest income tax assessment, income statement or other company valuation. The special feature is that credit institutions often do not pay to start-ups, but only self-employed, who have been successful for two to three years.

The residual debt insurance is an additional insurance for both parties, it is inexpensive, but assumes the payment obligation in case of serious illness or termination of self-employment. What are the possible loan amounts, what is the term? Although interest rates and credit conditions are very important, every self-employed person is different.

If the calculation example is not sufficient, the non-binding credit inquiries will help you, the interested parties will then receive an individual and non-binding offer. By an individual bid, the maturities, loan amounts and repayment modalities of the various credit institutions can be compared even better. Because even self-employed have to think about their own company future and should not be prematurely tempted to make a decision. Because they too have to adjust to their own person.

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